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Creating Art through History

Founder/Creator of VASSdesign, Pete Vassilakos has been creating vintage wooden sign art since 2012. His passion for Polar Exploration has been well translated into his art which varies from reproduction to original design concepts.

To find out more, follow the link to the 'About' section.

Artwork by Category

"Charles Baudelaire once said "Romanticism is another word for modern art" - that is, intimacy, spirituality, colour, and aspiration towards something that is beyond our reach. The Heroic Age of Polar Exploration may be consigned to the dog eared pages of history but one man keeps it alive and well. Through his beautifully crafted polar art Pete Vassilakos allows us to look back in time to an age of aspiring young men who dreamnt of adventure, men prepared to travel beyond the blank edges of the map. Pete's art is a living tribute to their memory - long may they live."

~ Seb Coulthard

Pete's fantastic artwork is highly evocative of the Golden Age of Polar Exploration. His attention to detail in being true to the original expedition relics while creating reproductions that convey a sense of antiquity is commendable. His products are great pieces of art and conversation pieces. Pete's speedy service, great communication and careful shipping created nothing but a very positive experience for anyone fortunate enough to own his originals.  ~  S.V.

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