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Behind the Craft

Pete Vassilakos, creator/founder of VASSdesign was born and raised in Montreal, Qc, Canada in 1975.

Before settling on art design, his path through life took many different directions filled with opportunities and experiences such as; photography, teaching, theatre (set design, prop design, lighting, audio, pyrotechnics, stage management), film/video production, travel, art, woodworking, historical re-enacting, radio, music, and Aviation service.
In 2013, Pete decided to take a chance and start his own business creating rustic/vintage signs and decor, and set out on a mission to make a living doing it.

Although a tougher road to travel, each day brings him one step closer to reaching the goal of a successful home business, and the satisfaction of doing something he loves on a daily basis, all while putting smiles on people's faces. It is for that reason that each individual hand crafted piece is made with passion and enthusiasm, making each creation unique in its own way.


Visit VASSdesign's main web site at


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You can also follow on Facebook and Twitter under VASSdesign, and on Instagram @vassdesigndecor

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